Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Humans are made up from 70% of water. So technically, humans contain more water than you know, other stuffs. Therefore, humans are semi-solid, right? Think about it, people. I came up with this idea/statement I think about a month ago and told myself I should write about this or else someone as ridiculous as I am will steal my idea hahahaha 

Besides physically, I guess humans are pretty much semi-solid mentally because humans undergo changes constantly.
The person you are yesterday is not the same as the person you are in this moment. Our brains are constantly adapting and changing to be better, to evolve, to survive. Like when you look back on your Facebook posts and have a massive cringe attack whenever you encounter an embarrassing status/photo from the past, THAT'S AN INDICATOR THAT YOU HAVE CHANGED. So, my theory is, if we are really solid/rock hard, we won't be able to accept other good or bad elements that enables revolution and evolution. 

Haha this is all just a random thought. Maybe I shall write a thesis on this topic in the future but for now I don't knowwwwww

P.S To those science people out there, I'm sorry if I sound stupid hahaha

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

busy af (sodagreeeeeen

I figured I should post something since it's been so long and I don't want the story of me nearly breaking down in the mall on the very top of my blog wth

Er so many things happened

numero uno: SODAGREEN CONCERT *ovaries explosion*

I shook 青峯's hand twice TWICE              


And his hand was pretty damn rough #歲月 X 操勞的痕跡

thanks to Sarah pabo, yuetqi and ah ling for the awesome pics (i was too busy fangurling)


haha spot me in the picture below hahahahha hashtag desperate fangurl

(heavy breathing)


numero dos: 

My laptop broke down. This is a major issue since my laptop to me is like the sun to trees. (desperate till metaphors are used)

And I've already missed my Youtube dose for a month. good gracious

I think that's all for now 
Before I sign off, here's the world's 萌-est pic:


Sunday, January 19, 2014

why I nearly broke down at the shopping mall

Nope, it's not because I ran out of money or I got lost in the mall sorry for disappointing you guys hahhahaha 

So there was I walking to Popular Bookstore because I needed to buy a receipt book (to claim money for my accountant/stingy dad) and a Form 4 history textbook (I am an early preparer). I was walking behind this man who was pushing a wheelchair up the escalator and in my mind I was like "man you should take the lift yoo". And then in front of him was a young little girl, I guess she was about 4 or 5 years old. We reached the second floor and then I saw the girl's face. She has Down Syndrome. 

Well, technically, to me she looked like she has Down Syndrome. Maybe she has some other disorder that I don't know (I'm not a doctor sorry). Don't get me wrong, people who has Down Syndrome are actually pretty common (Fact: Down Syndrome is the most common birth defect), but I don't know why, that girl hit me HARD. Like my heart got stabbed by a syringe of emotional hormones. 

I ignored these feels and continued to walk into the bookstore. After buying my stuffs, I saw the father and daughter again at the cashier. The father bought a coloring book for her and she mumbled something I couldn't quite interpret. The father seemed so loving and encouraging as if her daughter was normal. I could not stop looking at them. I tried. But I just couldn't peel my eyes away. 

All I want to do was to give them a hug or talk to them (sadly I have zero guts). But it just doesn't feel right. They probably wanted to be treated like normal people so all I could do was stare. I felt like a fucking asshole doing that but what else can I do? I thought of how many staring eyes they had to ignore every single day, how many judgmental stares they had to bear with every day. 

I thought about the father, who loves his daughter with his whole heart, ignoring her flaws and trying to be the best father everyday, to be brave and strong for his daughter. I thought about the daughter, who may not enjoy the things normal people can enjoy, just because of her flaws and disability. How strong humanity can be, but at the same time, how fragile it can be. 

I thought about how fortunate I am, walking around in the mall doing cny shopping with my mom. 

I thought about how shallow I am sometimes for overstressing on external quality.
I thought about how right Holden Caulfield is. 
I thought about how stupid this world is.

You know what, 
I want to get into the science field and contribute to humanity. 
I want to make a change.

And I believe, to make a change, I must first change myself.  
I want to read more books and listen to more great albums. 
I want to be informative.
I want to absorb more substance. 
I want a change. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014



Yup, this is exactly how I developed my humour. From harsh realities, immense disappointment and just life in general. I think my brain has built some kind of system to be really (REALLY) accepting to how cruel and inconsiderate people treat each other. If I have not developed my humour, this girl right here might be already suffering from depression and anxiety (probably will if life still keep on throwing giant lemons at me). LIFE I NEED A BREAK
What I want to say is, be kind and be considerate. 

This is very ironic since it's only the beginning of the year and I'm already that tired sorry mom

Saturday, January 4, 2014


I am suggesting we resist a life that looks, in line-graph form, like it goes up and up and up and then it stops, and then it levels out, and then it stays on that flat plane until death. I hope to live a life that goes up and up and up until the end, with the inevitable dip here and there. I hope to continue to learn and change.

Forever is the state, exclusive to those between the ages of 13 and 17, in which one feels both eternally invincible and permanently trapped. When my parents were young, Forever was expressed through promise rings, names carved into trees, and photographs you could hold in your hands. In the years since, Forever has inspired many phrases and ideas popular among adolescents: Best Friends Forever, Together Forever, Forever Young. In more recent years, Forever, with its cousins Always and Infinity, has dominated young adult literature, differentiated the internet from the more fleeting IRL, and, one could argue, explained the popularity of thgalaxy print

Coveting youth also needs to be dealt with. I’m not afraid of being old; I’m afraid of being afraid of being old, which for some reason appears to be an inherent part of being old, because the examples out there of adults who aren’t trying to turn back time are few and far between. But a fear of aging turns every second into your enemy. It means that your worst nightmare is constantly coming true, unless you choose to die, which is a terrible choice to make. I generally like life—it lets me do things like eat good food, watch good TV, and have good friends—so I’d hate to have a bitter relationship to it, to hide from it, to dread it. I’d rather not romanticize a lack of knowledge. I’d rather be a wizard or a mad scientist or a walking encyclopedia. I’d rather get on with things than spend every day super pissed that we haven’t yet figured out time travel.
Finally, it’s important to take time to mourn Forever. I know this doesn’t have to be so tragic, I know I don’t actually want to stay in this place—but to effectively move on, I have to effectively wrap things up. Because I don’t want to long for Forever in small, unhealthy ways later, I have to honor it in big, creative ways now. Reflecting and archiving is not the same as dwelling in the past. It is not anti-living, but a part of life, even a crucial one. We do this to highlight one thing above others, so that a special moment can take up more space in our brains than an inconsequential one; so that, by plain math, our personal worlds contain more good things and fewer bad ones. Or more interesting things and fewer blah ones, since you have to record the bad, too. Like I said, Forever is not about being the best years of your life, just the most Forever-y.


man i wish i could write this well FUTURE ME I HOPE YOU'RE IMPROVING YOURSELF